Longevity India

Enabling Healthy Ageing

A unified hub, for Deep Research, Discovery, & Disruptive Technology Development, to enable Healthy Ageing in India.


Anchored by the Indian Institute of Science (IISc), focuses on improving healthspan—the period of life spent in good health. We concentrate on the unique aspects of the Indian population to find ways to keep individuals healthy and active as they age. Our research aims to pinpoint the biological markers that signal healthy ageing, working to counteract the decline that often comes with getting older.

What we do

We study ageing through the lens of science and technology. By analyzing the biological aspects of ageing specific to the Indian population, we aim to discover interventions that can delay ageing and prevent age-related diseases. We work with academic institutions, industry, hospitals, and philanthropic organizations to push forward research in longevity. 

Our Approach

Our approach includes offering grants and fellowships, supporting scientists and researchers dedicated to understanding how we can stay healthy as we age. 
These efforts are all aimed at one thing: finding ways to ensure our years are marked by vitality and good health. 

Ongoing Research

Core Commitee


Get Involved

Longevity India is a collaborative platform. We invite scientists, clinicians, and anyone interested in the science of ageing to contribute to our mission. Your knowledge and expertise can help shape the future of healthy ageing.

Support Our

Your support, whether through research collaboration, partnerships, or donations, is vital. It enables us to continue our pursuit of understanding ageing and developing effective interventions.